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Elevate the appearance and protection of your vehicle with Ultimate Express Car Wash in Layton, UT, where we prioritize delivering unparalleled care and attention. Step into our state-of-the-art car wash facility, surpassing conventional cleanings, to indulge in a range of premium perks and add-ons that will keep you cruising. Contact us today to get started!


Discover Our Ultimate Car Wash in Layton

At Ultimate Express Car Wash, we provide exceptional car cleaning solutions customized to meet the unique needs of every driver. We help our customers feel confident in their vehicles with premium car washes that go beyond the ordinary; choose us for free car wash vacuums, car interior detailing-style add-ons, and Turtle Wax car wax. Experience our:

  • High-quality towels for a flawless, streak-free finish

  • Diverse car wash subscriptions

  • Top-shelf car cleaning products

  • High-pressure blow dryers to dry your car


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Our subscription model at Ultimate Express Car Wash Layton is meticulously crafted to offer convenience and value, featuring a variety of package options to cater to individual preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer a more comprehensive package or a simpler approach, each membership provides unlimited access to our Layton facility and other perks:

  • Touchless Package: $50 per month

  • Ultimate Package: $40 per month

  • Shine Package: $35 per month

  • Clean Package: $25 per month

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What to Expect From Our Layton Location

Nestled in the dynamic community of Layton, our comprehensive car wash facility boasts a prime location and cutting-edge technology to guarantee outstanding outcomes with every visit. Our warm and accommodating team is dedicated to providing a smooth and delightful experience for each and every guest.

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Step into a new era of car care excellence at Ultimate Express Car Wash in Layton, where we uphold a superior standard of vehicle maintenance. Your car deserves nothing but the finest attention, and our team is fully committed to delivering unparalleled service every time you entrust us with your vehicle.