Shine Car Wash Package

Shine Car Wash Package

Full-Service Car Wash in Greater Salt Lake City, UT

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At Ultimate Express Car Wash, we redefine the car wash experience and go far beyond the ordinary at all three of our locations. Our commitment to going above and beyond is evident in our innovative approach to car care — namely a car wash subscription model that meets drivers where they are.

If you need a premium car wash and deep clean now and then, our Shine Package is perfect! Learn more about how this option can elevate your entire experience and sign up today!


Shine Car Wash & Wax

With the Shine Package, drivers all across Layton, Syracuse, and Ogden receive comprehensive, thorough car wash experiences that leave their vehicles sparkling clean inside and out. The car wash subscription option is designed to exceed all your expectations, offering the perfect combination of Turtle Wax Triple Shine products and high-pressure blasters that deliver unparalleled results.


  • One-Time: $12 each visit

  • Monthly Subscription: $30 a month


What Shine Car Wash Memberships Include

Drivers who choose this car wash membership option can enjoy everything included in our Clean Package at no additional charge. These features include a presoak, spot-free rinse dryer, soft cloths for drying, and free car wash vacuums for interior cleaning. But the Shine Package goes beyond these base features and also includes car wax polish for your vehicle’s exterior and high-pressure blasters to achieve the perfect smooth dry.

Our Car Wash Packages

Car Wash Subscription Benefits

By choosing the Shine Package Monthly Subscription, Ultimate Express Car Wash customers can enjoy the convenience of unlimited monthly visits, allowing them to keep their vehicles in pristine condition year-round. Whether it's a quick touch-up or a deep clean, our packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of car owners who value quality and convenience.

Trust Ultimate Express Car Wash in Northern Utah

At Ultimate Express Car Wash, we take pride in being a family-owned business deeply connected to the Greater Salt Lake City community. Join us today and experience the difference with our Shine car wash subscription, where your vehicle receives the ultimate treatment it deserves.