Ultimate Express Car Wash is a multi-location family business serving the Northern Utah region with branches in North Ogden, Layton, and Syracuse. With a keen understanding of the community due to deep roots in the area, our premium car wash business has rapidly expanded its services to cater to car owners looking for convenient car wash solutions. Learn all about our car wash subscription options and visit one of our three locations now!

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At Ultimate Express Car Wash, we take great pride in offering more than just a traditional car wash experience. Our DIY-style free car wash vacuums and other add-ons empower customers to take control of keeping their vehicles sparkling clean. With a comprehensive range of wash options available through our car wash subscriptions, we ensure that every car receives the care it deserves on a monthly basis.

As a family business deeply ingrained in the Greater Salt Lake City community, we understand the unique needs of our customers. Our subscription model caters to different preferences, allowing car owners to visit as often as they like and select the package that best suits their needs. From turtle wax polish options to car interior detailing features, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service that outshines larger chain operations.

Ultimate Car Wash Package

The Ultimate package, priced at $40 a month, includes premium car wash features such as Turtle Wax car polish application, fire wax treatment, and tire shine. This car wash membership also includes:

  • Everything in the Protect package

  • Ultimate towel access

  • Air fresheners

  • Auto bubble bath

  • One-Time Price: $20

Protect Car Wash Package

For those seeking a balance of protection and shine, the Protect package at $35 provides an undercarriage wash and additional benefits like:

  • Everything in the Shine package

  • Wheel blasters

  • Turtle Wax polish options

  • Blaze N Glaze

  • One-Time Price: $15

Shine Car Wash Package

Another Utah car wash subscription option is the Shine package at $30, providing an experience with Turtle Wax Triple Shine products and high-pressure blasters.

  • Includes everything in the Clean package

  • One-Time Price: $12

Clean Car Wash Package

The Clean package at $25 a month offers a basic ultimate car wash experience with:

  • Presoak

  • Spot-free rinse dryer

  • Soft cloths for drying

  • Free car wash vacuums for interior cleaning

  • One-Time Price: $9

Customers can select from a range of package options tailored to suit their preferences and budget! With any one of these options, drivers can visit any Ultimate Express Car Wash location as often as they’d like.

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The heart of Ultimate Express Car Wash lies in our innovative subscription model, offering customers the flexibility to choose from a variety of car wash membership options based on their car care needs. Each subscription package comes with premium add-ons and a comprehensive wash that ensures vehicles receive top-notch treatment on a monthly basis. We pride ourselves on:

  • Providing superior customer service

  • Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment

  • Having the longest tunnel in Northern Utah

  • Using multiple high-pressure blowers

  • Using high-quality towels that are frequently changed for optimal cleanliness

  • Guaranteeing a thorough clean that leaves cars sparkling inside and out

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"This is the best wash in town. They give you a towel at the beginning to wipe down your interior while going through the wash. It cleaned my car so well and when you're finished you can vacuum for free! Love it! Will be joining the monthly club."

— Jana K.

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"Such friendly staff! The girl at the entrance was so helpful. Will be back for sure!"

— Michelle B.

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"My kid loves this place as much as I do! The inside lighting is pretty cool; it's like a light show. My car looks great when I am finished and then I can use the free vacuums and there is a machine to wash your mats and it's FREE too!"

— Samantha P.

Get a free car wash with the download of the Ultimate Express Car Wash app, ensuring a complete car cleaning experience. Experience the difference in car care with Ultimate Express Car Wash – where quality, convenience, and community come together for the ultimate wash experience.